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Grants Policy

In order to secure a grant please consider the following:-

  • All young people who are to benefit must be under 21 years of age and belong to a club/organisation based in England. The Trustees will consider the application where the majority are under 21, but will not consider grants for individuals.
  • The Trustees will consider grants for equipment for the use of all members of the club. Individual items will not be considered i.e. personal items of kit such as gum shields, shorts, vests etc.
  • The Trustees will consider grants to assist in the maintenance of properties as long as the property is owned by the club or there is a significant lease period
  • The Trustees may attach conditions to a grant e.g. conditional on match funding
  • The Trustees will only pay suppliers directly. It is therefore necessary for the clubs to obtain a written quotation/invoice from the supplier.
  • Economic or social circumstances surrounding the beneficiaries of the grant
  • What has the applicant done to fulfil the need from other sources?
  • Only clubs/organisations affiliated to their governing body i.e. England Boxing, National Association of Clubs for Young People; Football Association etc. will be considered for a grant. In exceptional circumstances the Trustees may consider applications outside this parameter.
  • Grants will generally be no more than £1500 although the Trustees will consider applications above this figure in exceptional circumstances.

Please note that the Central Social and Recreational Trust has only limited amounts of funding to be allocated each year and may not be able to meet all applications.

Please complete the online Grant Application Form


  1. Ensure you have completed all sections of the Grant Application Form.

  2. You have signed the Grant Application Form.

  3. You have attached a copy of the latest set of your accounts or last 3 months worth of bank statements.

  4. You have attached written quotations from reputable suppliers for the equipment/items you are requesting funding for.


Send the Application to:

Central Social and Recreational Trust
Ms Beverley Gold,
Secretary to the Trust,
Flat 5
The Heights
Henley Road

About the CSRT

The CSRT aims to improve the conditions of boys and girls in England under the age of 21 and of all other persons by reasons of their poverty who would otherwise be unable to obtain facilities for recreational or other leisure time occupations.

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