History of the Central Social and Recreational Trust

The Trust has a long and distinguished history. It was established by the then, Amateur Boxing Association. On the 15th June 1962 the Central Social and Recreational Trust came into being, through its ‘Deed of Declaration of Trust’. Its original Trustees were:

  • Rudyard Holt Russell.
  • George Hubert Bone.
  • Theophilus William Morcom-Harneis.

The ‘Deeds’ of the Trust set out its primary focus on young people and the pursuit of active recreation and sport.

The close relationship of the Trust to amateur boxing was demonstrated by the fact that Rudyard Holt Russell was the President of the International Amateur Boxing Association (1956 – 1974) and President of the Amateur Boxing Association from 1960.

The initial ‘Funds’ to the Trust were donated by the then Amateur Boxing Association and returns on investments have increased the funds to around £1M. Today the Trust only spends the returns on its investments and protects its ‘Capital’. This strategy has served the Charity well over the years.

Grants Awarded in 2022 – 2023

Whilst over 50 years old the Trust continues to consider its role and
constantly evolves to meet the changing world we live in. In 2022-2023 the
Trust awarded the following clubs/organisations:-

  • 1st Whitegate Scout Group
  • Altringham Table Tennis Social Group
  • Battersea Boxing Club
  • Beeston Juniors FC
  • Belvidere Centre
  • Bilton Hall ABC
  • Birmingham Impact Football Club CIC
  • Birtley Towm Juniors FC
  • Bradford Central FC
  • Bradford Sports Central CIC
  • Bridgefield Water Polo Club
  • Britania BC
  • Burntwood Platinum ABC
  • Gator ABC
  • Grey Ranks ABC
  • Harrogate Rugby Club
  • Hawley ABC
  • Holmfirth Cricket Club
  • Honour & Glory Healthy Mind Ltd
  • Lancashire School of Boxing
  • Little Oakley BC
  • London APSA Football Club
  • Lynn Athletic
  • North London Sports Academy
  • Odyssey ABC
  • Player Centric
  • Purple Gecko Youth
  • Queensbury ABC
  • Redditch United Juniors
  • RG4 FC
  • Rugby Borough Junior Football Club
  • Ryfneld Bowling Club
  • Sheffield United Junior Blades 1981
  • Sporting Weston Football Club
  • Treasure Sports Club
  • Westree ABC
  • Willesden & Brent Chess Club

Former Chairman
Ken Short1993 – 1999
William Robinson2004 – To date
Former Secretaries to the Trust
J.H. Lewis1993 – 1999
Beverley Gold2003 – To date
Former Treasurers to the Trust
Ken Short1996 – 2008
Dr David McElhinney2008 – 2015
Former Trustees to the Trust
Col. Rudyard Holt Russell1962 –
George Hubert Bone1962 –
Theophilus Williams Morcom-Harness1962 –
Ken E.L. Short1984 – 1999
Joe H. Lewis1985 – 1996
William S. Cox1985 – 1995
Clifford Hall1988 – 1993
Walter C. Hill1989 – 1994
Reginald W. Freer1990 – 1993
Kenneth S. Smith1994 – 1995
William H. Robinson1995 – To date
Timothy S. Louis1996 – 2008
William G. Davies1999 – 2008
Andrew T. Bamber1999 – 2008
Dr David McElhinney2008 – 2015
Keith Walters2008 – To date
Richard Caborn2008 – 2014
Henry Herbert2015 – 2019
Luigi Leo2015 – To date
Darren Chapple2019 – To date

About the CSRT

The CSRT aims to improve the conditions of boys and girls in England under the age of 21 and of all other persons by reasons of their poverty who would otherwise be unable to obtain facilities for recreational or other leisure time occupations.

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